Erasmus Days 2020: halfway between celebration and reflection

Erasmus Days 2020: halfway between celebration and reflection

October 14, 2020

Are you celebrating our beloved Erasmus+ programme?

Every year, current and would-be Erasmus+ students, alumni, universities and enthusiasts can participate in the #ErasmusDays. This initiative takes place throughout Europe to celebrate the eponym and flagship programme of the European Union — Erasmus+.

This year and amidst the madness of Covid-19, the 3-day celebration, is kicking off tomorrow to offer many opportunities, both online and on-site, to all European citizens who love and cherish Erasmus+.

2017 marked the 30th anniversary of this programme and at that time, EU policymakers and students, higher education institutions and many more stakeholders were invited to celebrate the achievements and build the future of Erasmus+ post-2020. We are looking at the future of the programme after 2020, not due to the current pandemic but because the programme itself is revised and renewed every 7 years. Thus, this year is an important milestone as it is the last year of the current Erasmus programme as we know it (2014-2020) and the European Commission is looking towards shaping the next programme (2021-2027).

Preparing for the future

The 2020 #ErasmusDays is a great opportunity to, once again, highlight the great achievements of this programme which so far has enabled more than 9 million people to live their Erasmus+ adventure, allowing them to partake in a truly unique and life-changing experience.

Every student should have this opportunity! However, for many years, financial obstacles have been the main roadblock to participation in mobility programmes. Discrepancies between grant levels have become a major inequality factor affecting thousands of students. That is why we have initiated the #Erasmus500 campaign and that is why we are still strongly advocating for an increase of the mobility grant baseline towards the European Commission policymakers who are about to define the new Erasmus+ programme.

On the 15th, 16th and 17th October, we will celebrate our beloved Erasmus+ with the #ErasmusDays and we will continue to ask for the European Commission to take into account our #Erasmus500 proposal.

The opportunity for a change is now. We want to make the Erasmus+ programme more inclusive, transparent and empowering. Are you with us?

Here is how you can help us:

During the Erasmus Days, use the hashtag #ErasmusDays together with #Erasmus500 on social media to share your Erasmus+ experience (alumni, current students, etc.)

You can simply talk about your own experience and include both hashtags or tag the European Commission to draw their attention on the need for a higher mobility grant baseline for Erasmus+!

Carla Álvarez & Marie Montaldo, EUF